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  1. You simply agreed with the person that called me a train wreck when I wasn’t even talking to you. I told them to grow up and you chose to respond to that so miss me.

  2. Sell the place and move.

    she doesn’t want to leave her job because she feels loyal to her employer

    She needs to grow up and realize that he employer would most likely fire her in a heartbeat if it improved the bottom line. Her loyalty should be with you and the commitment she made when she signed the mortgage.

  3. Wow OP sorry but your GFs dream doesn't include you. It does seem to include your money though.

    Time to come to your senses x

  4. Conservative white men date Asian women because they feel like they are inferior i.e. the whole passport bro thing it’s very common, a lot of slave, masters, raped, black women because they were fucking like into it the power and because they were attracted it’s not new.

  5. This isn’t polyamory, and quite frankly I’m sick of all these cheating SOs out there who use that as an excuse and the way your wife went about it is downright despicable. If she were truly poly she would have discussed this with you before ever setting foot into a relationship with another person. But she didn’t. This is just a manipulative tactic she’s using to try and have her husband and her affair partner at the same time. Bet that if you discussed the relationship being poly she would flip if you ended up finding someone else.


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