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finger pussy [Multi Goal]

6 thoughts on “AmbraDevine

  1. I saw this on TikTok and it was actually very hot to find your post, but

    Your husband is the biggest asshole here he cheated with held who the affair partner was and then under a guys a friendship brought her back into your life.

    Now onto your “friend” in my opinion he is just as bad as your husband. He knew she was his affair partner however, that came out to him, and he chose to bring that woman into your life and withhold information about who she is and that’s not OK he doesn’t respect you as a friend and you deserve better

    Finally on to whatever the fuck her name is… If she truly did not know he was married she is not at fault for the affair. However, she befriended you while keeping a humongous secret from you. If she would have told you from the get-go, then maybe you guys would have still become friends, but she also has no respect for you. She knew she cheated with your husband and decided to keep it a secret. That is what makes her a bad person if she would have told you and you would have been mad at her I’d say you’re being irrational but she didn’t tell you she decided to keep it a secret and act like she was your friend and that’s fucked up.

    I think that you deserve better people in your life all around all three of these people systematically decided to keep some thing from you. Now they’re all trying to gaslight you into being OK with the fact that they kept this humongous disgusting secret from you. And if they can’t understand that all of them have had time to process this humongous betrayal, that they all decided to do to you and try and act like it’s justifiable because you’ve been friends with her for nine years well no you haven’t because you didn’t know who she really was. She has been lying to you from the beginning and that is what makes her also a bad person in the scenario

    It’s honestly disgusting. Every time I see a story like this it proves more and more that you will never truly know the people around you and you can never truly trust anybody.

  2. Thank you for this. I have also researched this topic extensively and have worked with several individuals who, due to trauma in childhood, struggle with an attraction to children. In particular, one person stands out to me as someone who didn't want the attraction, would never consider acting on the attraction in any way – not viewing CP and certainly not harming a child.

    It is so heavily stigmatized (understandable) so seeking treatment is incredibly difficult for many and for those who have not acted on this attraction shouldn't be treated the same as people who have, especially when taking steps to deal with it.

  3. Exile yourself from the group. They've made it clear they do not value you. Focus on your peripheral friends and develop a new friend group.

  4. If a person has sex work in their past, and it would be a dealbreaker for their partner, doesn't it actually serve their own interests to disclose it?

    If their partner would dump them for it, it's prima facie evidence that they are incompatible.


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