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3 thoughts on “Amelia-swat live webcams for YOU!

  1. Ok, so say he leaves her. Leaves his family for you. Then what? Do you feel good about that? Do you ever trust him? You will not. You will be the home wrecker in his kuds eyes when they grow up, causing tension between him and his kids (though it's on him too!) And you will always be worried, rightfully so, that he's cheating on you too. Men like him want the perfect family with their eife and the young side piece for fun.

  2. That’s exactly what my friend had said too. I guess accepting facts is difficult. And blaming myself for cutting off communication after calming down from the situation. I can say it’s validating to see this. Thanks

  3. Yeah I think you should just focus on your son, poor boy sitting there at 7 and having to see yet another man disrespect his mom.

    The ex doesn't get to dictate when and where your partner goes, they both need to be cordial and avoid act like other not there.

    That being said, I think you need to tall you new husband to leave the house,

    Say to him ” my son watch me being abused by my ex and now he has to sit there while you talk to me like cr#p and its not happening anymore, I will not have my son grow up to think he can treat women this way.. so I would like you to leave and have you seek therapy for your anger outbursts before I even consider letting you around us again.. until then we are separate”

    Sit your son down and say its not his fault he should feel that he can tell his daddy anything same with you. And that next time something about you is troubling him to come to you and you can sort it.


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