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  1. How would they know unless the partner has been shown to be abusive? You don't know what someone is like unless they show you. I don't have to be in a abusive relationship to know that cops kill people. And even with an abusive relationship, that doesn't negate the nature of policing. It's not a game.

  2. I feel like this is overwhelmingly controlling and you should possibly go to couple's counseling about it because he clearly doesn't want to listen to your view.

    I do understand where he is coming from, if he is trying to speak to you and you're zoning out on your phone, that's rude. But to not want you to use your phone even when he's not there? Or to get upset when he comes home and you're on your phone but not give a fuck if you're reading or doing a hobby? And to not even want you on it while you're in the car?

    Just because HE doesn't like phones doesn't mean he gets to be the dictator of your phone usage. He just sounds judgemental towards technology and refuses to even understand that while he might not like it, you do and its okay that you do!!

    Please consider couples counseling about this issue because I can only see it getting worse until the inevitable: he takes your phone away and refuses to give it back, like a dad might do to their kid. This is controlling and crosses over normal respect issues and into possible verbal abuse if its constantly escalating into arguments where he is always right and you are never allowed an opinion.

    It is normal in this day and age to want to use your phone.


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