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15 thoughts on “Amy Purple on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. If he's lucky, he has a man advising him of how unhinged you are, and who is advising him to dump you at the earliest opportunity… ??‍♂️

  2. If she doesn't have manic symptoms – or at least the same in a milder degree – then don't think of her as manic. Manic symptoms include:

    compulsive activities that have negative consequences, such as risky sex, wild overspending, or physically dangerous sports without safeguards increased rate of speech – faster, more talkative high energy levels, needing little sleep wild creative ideas with little focused execution an inflated view of one's importance or magnificence distractibility tendency to be agitated or irritable irrational thinking

    Now, a very happy or elated mood is possibly the most significant symptom of mania, but it's certainly logical that she has indeed had an epiphany and decided to live as positively as possible between episodes of her illness.

    So don't harsh her mellow if it isn't really mania or hypomania (the milder form). If all she has is an uplifted mood, just be grateful for that and merely keep an eye on other things to see if problem areas are developing. Best of luck to you both.

  3. Short-term, it's ok, but long-term one party is just going to be hurt as inevitably somebody will grow feelings while the other moves on to another partner.

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  5. He can't relate so he offers what he can which is an ear to listen which is, considered he had a normal upbringing, all you can really ask. If you want solutions or advice or to be understood on a deeper level, go talk to a therapist, that's what they're there for.

  6. I have though, I saw a psychiatrist and got medicated. I’ve been seeing a therapist. but when a man who’s hurt me so many times, who’s supposedly in a happy relationship, shows up to my job drunk after not speaking for awhile? It’s naked to fit all the facts on here but I understand what you’re saying.

  7. Angel trust me you have nothing to feel insecure about. Small ish boobs are much more of a blessing than a curse and if he wants to behave like a juvenile then let him. Do NOT stay with a man who has lied to his friends abiht your body and also shown a picture of your sister to try and con them.

    It's very gross cringe behaviour and you really seen to deserve much better than this whole situation.

    Let me put it this way, if you had a little sister who's boyfriend had just done this to her, what would you say to her?

  8. If she really wants to improve, she needs to be in therapy, specifically focusing on her anger and emotional regulation. Not once a month either – considering her extreme intolerance and inability to deal with even minor issues, she needs to be there every week.

    Friend, this is not and can not be your problem to fix. This person has a deep problem that renders them unsafe for you to be around. Zero percent of the time is the only acceptable amount of abuse that should be tolerated.

    I will be surprised if her anger doesn't leak out when she starts teaching, as it's an incredibly stressful job that requires a tremendous amount of emotional control.

  9. He convinced me to sell my car and we use his brothers car, it’s his brothers car so I can’t take it and I don’t live walking distance from anything


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