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Model from: de

Languages: de,en

Birth Date: 2001-11-08

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureStudent

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  1. I was also the one that did all the dumping for most of my previous relationships, and it was exactly around that 3-6 month mark when the infatuation would disappear and I could tell whether there was long term potential or not.

    It got to the point where my mom told me I’d die alone if I kept dumping guys. But then I found my now-husband, and things were different.

    My advice is not to settle. If you know the guy isn’t your long term plan, end it now and move on. Breaking up sucks, but it’s better than wasting time or pretending it’s something it’s not.

    Good luck!!

  2. You've known from Day One this guy is a slob. The only time he has a clean place is when someone else (you) cleans it. If you don't want to mother your partner, then this guy is not the partner for you. What you are getting right now is what you are going to continue to get. He is this way, he has always been this way, and as past behavior usually indicates future action, he is going to stay this way. You can love someone and they can 'try' to do their best, and they can still be a crappy partner.

    Food for thought.

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  4. You could think of maybe doing an open relationship. But, you have to follow your heart, if it leads you away you can't regret it because you were doing what you thought was right. If it doesn't go well, pick yourself off, dust up, and try again.


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