Anahifox live sex chats for YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Anahifox live sex chats for YOU!

  1. She didn't say he used it for sex, and I'm not sure labeling his actions as malicious is fair or accurate.

  2. Yeah he clearly has a thing for her and she probably does for him as well if she wasn’t creeped out by this

  3. I guess beyond whatever his internal feelings are (which you really can't know without asking), I'd wonder what you're getting out of the dynamic? Like you say he makes you feel safe and protected, but it seems pretty clear that he doesn't make you feel seen, valued, or understood.

  4. Yo, don't leave us hanging!! How'd it go? I've seen videos of folks actually crying when they got to use them for the first time. Now I'm gonna have to go dig up some of those videos to give me a smile.

  5. May I ask, what do you do to support him? There's lots of “he's not doing this for me” in your post but what are you doing to drive the relationship forward? Seems your “next step” is in the context of him paying for your stuff.

  6. If your girl isn’t ok with you watching porn, and you like watching porn, then you need to definitely reevaluate the relationship. I’ve never been in a relationship where fantasy and people on a screen could disrupt reality.

  7. This literally happened to me! My mum poured warmed oil in my ear when I had an ear infection as a child, I remember screaming and crying in agony all night. I have scaring and damage in that ear. So partially deaf on the left side, not enough for it to negatively impact my life just enough I have to ask people to sometimes repeat themselves if they sit on that side.

  8. The asshat told you that if your health issues don't get better that he should break up with you. He's telling you that you're already looking 5 years older than you are and is bent out of shape over 5 kg. Dump him now. He's so shallow that he's the type to trade his partner in for a newer model once they no longer look 20-something.

  9. This account was created 8 months ago, and the last post you wrote was 28 days ago. In this post you repeatedly don't use apostrophes, same with the other post. You also repeatedly say “bj” and “hj” lowercase here. Same with the other post. Both are riddled with spelling mistakes and run-ons. Same tone in both posts.

    I don't know what you're getting out of lying, but you can't expect genuine advice if you don't make genuine posts.


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