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14 thoughts on “Anakaliyah live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Gaslighting! My EX boyfriend has said similar things. It’s so frustrating when they say “I don’t know why I bother talking to you” “this is why I don’t tell you how I feel”

  2. I do see what you’re getting at. I think I’d be more open to simply discussing the issue and giving him another chance if this was only the first or second time something like this had happened, but unfortunately, it isn’t. I’ve had to educate him on social injustices (not limited to just sexism) multiple times over the course of the year, and it has been extremely draining. He justifies his position by saying he is contrary and likes to play devils advocate, but honestly, when certain groups of people face more discrimination than others on a regular basis, I think such an approach is inappropriate.

    Somehow, your comments have made me realise even further that I can’t accept this kind of behaviour from someone in my life. I’m sure there is a woman out there for him who will put up with these comments without a fight, but that woman isn’t me. And I’m glad it isn’t.

  3. I never said he was cheating. I said he was prioritizing her over you, which he is. Cheating or not that’s unacceptable, since he’s demonstrating he cares more about her feelings of kicking you out than your feelings of hurt for being kicked out.

  4. No. There isn’t a difference. Just that one included you getting off (no problem with that) ad one is your girlfriend getting off (problem with that). Look, it’s your choice whether or not you can get past it. But don’t kid yourself about the double standard. If you had a chance to rail several women at one time would you? If you were single?

  5. So in this instance, you were inconsiderate, not selfish.

    If there is a pattern of you changing plans without letting him know (like in this occasion) then the problem is you. You need to work on being a better communicator.

    If it’s more along the lines of your comment about going to dinner and the deciding to get a drink,and there was no plans for you and him to do something together afterwards then you could communicate it as a curiosity message like “hey xyz, we’re grabbing some drinks to keep the night going, we’re heading to abc if you want to join” but you don’t have to.

    If there were plans, then you need to communicate the changes.

    Do keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how often you do it, it is that you do it without communicating it that is the problem.

  6. I initially thought this was going to be about just being friends which is fine if it’s legitimately a friendship.

    But then you said he’s keeping in contact in case things happen in the future.

    He’s with you and thinking about dating someone else. He’s literally telling you to your face you aren’t his priority because if he had the chance, he would be with her.

    This is neither healthy or good.

    He’s keeping you until he gets his opportunity with her.

  7. I'm going to start by saying, for me, this is a hot no.

    That said, when my now wife and I started dating, I had a spring break trip to Mexico planned with my college buddies. This was the first spring break after graduating for most of us. 4 single guys going to Mexico to have some fun. At least when it was planned. By the time the trip came around, I was already in love. But it was all paid for and mostly non refundable.

    My wife (at the time girlfriend of a few months) told me I should go. Further, she said I should enjoy myself and not hold back. It was never outright permission to cheat and I never perceived it that way, but she basically told me to have fun and come back to her.

    Receiving this level of trust at this point in our relationship really sealed the deal. I went and had a great time. Despite endless opportunity, I experienced zero temptation. We partied our asses off, everyone else had all the single buy spring break fun they wanted.

  8. we've been together for 5 years and are just currently long distance because of studies. i contemplated just not telling him but he might feel betrayed if he sees promotional material of us kissing or something, idk

  9. I doubt she was planning to cheat. She was planning to have a nice coffee date with someone who gave her some admiration. Not cheat.

  10. Exactly. No one should be excited about anything, ever after the arbitrary age of 29. Especially not in a “girlish” manner. Plus, that is max adulting, to shit on anything you specifically don't think is important. The “appropriate adult way” is obviously being super condescending. Fuck your joy and happiness. We don't allow that here in the adult world. You will suffer and be miserable and you will like it… but not too much. /s


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