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8 thoughts on “anapanda

  1. Yes you got dumped, he literally moved away behind your back. Please don’t fall into the “closure” trap. Things hurt until they hurt less and eventually the hurt becomes something else. Dragging this on because your past relationships ended appropriately isn’t going to help you.

  2. This is what happens if you don't discuss these things in the early stages of your relationship.

    A lot of people are homophobic. That's just the reality of it. You can't go into a relationship and assume your partner isn't, without actually hearing their thoughts about it. In fact, you should probably assume otherwise just to be on the safe side.

    What can you do about it now? Probably nothing much. Mild homophobia won't really affect your life that much if you're not gay yourself. Just hope he isn't too radical about it so that he doesn't mess up his relationship with the kids in an event of them turning out to be gay.

  3. So, how do you NOT respect her decision while making you look like you actually do? Good question, dude.

  4. I’m so happy to be in Australia where the swastika and nazi salute is going to be made illegal.

  5. when a woman says we need trust it translates to I am trying to cheat and you are making it so nude.

  6. I think this is the best advice I have been given so far. I really, really appreciate it.

    To answer myself if he was all in then in, then I most likely would be too. I say most likely because it was only a first date albeit the best date I have had. I think we both got too heavy into the idea of a relationship after our first date, but since he changed his mind then I changed my thought process to accommodate his.

    I was looking for love at first since things seemed to be going well, but after having such a whirlwind of emotions to deal with I think maybe it really is not what I am seeking. I still want something physical, but you are right on a FWB situation not going to end well. At the same time you made me truly realize that I am neglecting my own emotional needs because I am craving the satisfaction that I had when things were going well and had things to look forward to.

    At this moment of time I think above all else I want closure about where we actually stand and I do not know the best way to go about doing this. Part of me just wants to wait it out and see if he messages me and the other part of me wants to reach out to find that closure.

    I will keep a set of wants/rules for myself going forward in all my future relationships.


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