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5 thoughts on “Anastaxialynn online sex chats for YOU!

  1. I really appreciate your very wise words. Here’s where I get stuck—I don’t think he’s actively or consciously comparing me to them. I think it’s passive and subconscious. That’s why I feel so alone in handling this phenomenon and why he’s so blameless in the situation.

    I have this belief that every time he’s exposed to something so sexually appealing—especially when it’s in person, right in front of him, like at the video shoot today—he has his own private lustful thoughts/ visual enjoyment of that woman. And I’m nowhere involved in that. I’m like a less exciting 3rd party in the situation. And it’s a really shitty reality to be shoved thru on an almost daily basis. Sure, he comes home to me, because he’s not dumb enough to end his life partner relationship over something like that. But how could he visually enjoy ME at the same level? I should add that he’s a very sexual person so I know his level of appreciation for beautiful women is very high.

  2. Same, did we not notice this after kid #1 or #2?

    She's been living this man for years, the only thing different is he gave her a label…..

  3. Yea! Completely agree about just ignoring it (of course, i typically do and it would be really weird if I did not hahah). In fact, it reminds me of the James Baldwin quote I heard one time “If you continue to view me as Black then I have no choice but to see you as White”.

    I just met all his coworkers the other day and it triggered me to think about it, since they were talking about shared experiences. 🙂 I'll be okay, just curious for people's insights and shared experiences!

  4. Stop giving this guy money. People are gonna talk regardless but at this rate he’s gonna demand payment for the rest of your life. Block him everywhere and tell the police that he’s threatening to distribute your photographs. You can’t save everything at this point but you have to put a foot down


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