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6 thoughts on “anastaxialynn

  1. Not going to lie.. Feel like she haven't have the time to move on from her last relationship.

    Yes, at the moment you'll feel weird.. I've been there..

    I'll suggest you making new memories with her. It'll be best for you and her in the long run. Go on dates, make her feel wanted. You should also feel needed too. Don't neglect your own feelings.

  2. I have been working on it in individual counseling and working on finding things that make me happy again. It a work in process and that was something that he was happy that I was doing.

  3. Does the abuser know where you on-line? Make sure you don't meet up with anyone. Make sure you let your husband know everything that's going on.

    I would do what has been suggested, send her some links & contact info's then maintain a good distance from this shitshow.

  4. Sis, my husband travels extensively for work. Think formerly 60% of the time, now closer to 40% of the time.

    Never once has he met a colleagues family or friends or stayed with them on a business trip. Not once. Maybe if a colleague brings a spouse or whole family along on the trip for some reason (think, a child tagging along to go visit a college or a spouse coming along because they are using the business trip as a jumping off point to a personal vacation) but never to stay with.

    When there is a flight delay or a missed connection, they each get their own hotel rooms. Even if it means we pay for it ourself.

    In business, its all about personal integrity and that means never giving off the appearance of inpropriety. Your husband is raising red flags. He is too old for these shenanigans.

    The whitening teeth? Not overly concerning – we all have insecurities. Perhaps the concern about appearances was based upon wanting to make a solid impression with a new client. But this combined with the not hearing from him at night and missing their connection because they lost track of time would be setting off warning bells for me.

    I'll tell you this – coming home from business travel, the ONLY thing my husband has ever wanted is to get home. Not to sit in a bar shooting the breeze, not to do anything other than board that flight home.

  5. Badger is mad at you for leaving and likes your bf now because he’s been feeding him.

    I have had animals my whole life and I have had 7 cats as an adult. There is absolutely no way I wouldn’t recognize my cat when looking at them.


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