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  1. We are talking and he ends up saying something mean which i can’t even remember.

    Must have been really hurtful for you to not remember what it was. then you start acting childish and you want him to apologize? the real problem is the lack of tools to convey a problem. You might want to work on your communication style as you are asking for respect, while simultaneously doing the same things you say are disrespectful..anyways, best of luck.

  2. That was acknowledged several times in the post so thanks for pointing out the well established obvious the question is what the hell am I supposed to do with this information

  3. It would be better if you live together for a while first. Most of the issues that cause people to split you don’t even find out about until after you online together.

  4. Once again you evidently can't read. My friend told my boyfriend he'd be and uncle. My friend doesn't know about the situation. Birth control has a history of failing for Both of our families so it's not crazy to think I could be pregnant. “Vague symptoms” is a giant understatement, I told my mom how I was feeling and she said I needed to take a pregnancy test. Me and him have been in a committed relationship for 5 years and very much have talked about pregnancy multiple times. He has said from his own fucking mouth that he wants kids and would be okay with us having them now aside from him thinking he's not really because of his adhd. You have read multiple things completely wrong and filled your entire reply with baseless assumptions. Please for the love of god please learn how to read before you try to give advice on things

  5. I’m so sorry, read your update. You knew in your gut what was going on, but we are so desperate to believe some other implausible explanation in the hopes that our gut is crazy and not our spouses.

  6. I would also report him to the gym. That is your personal time and you can handle that any way you see fit.

  7. She wanted you to have been a virgin at 24? I mean, there's nothing wrong with waiting until whenever someone feels comfortable to have sex for the first time, but it's a bit of a big ask to expect someone not.

    Also this indicates that she does not respect your bodily autonomy. Would your private masturbation be her concern too?

    Is she some kind of bible banging weirdo or something? Where does this even come from to begin with


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