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  1. I feel like he is controlling my mum, but I know she can look after herself

    Respectfully, based on what? Her history prior to being in this relationship? That no longer applies.

    She responsed directly to your question in a manner that didn't agree with what he wanted once, six months ago, and look where that's got us.

    He's shite to her friends and family if someone hasn't done exactly what he wants, she apparently isn't comfortable enough to respond directly to a text that you sent only to her, and you're not sure if your mum is even aware of and on board with this directive he's giving you that you're now acting on.

    Oh, and.

    it’s not just my mums house but his too

    This feels like your mum already owned the house before he came along. It seems he may be trying to isolate her and lay claim to things, including your mum. Is that what you want? If not, embrace that 'alpha female' label and at least talk to your mum rather than assuming that he speaks for her on everything.

  2. One of the pieces of advice I would give from the things I've learned is that you should always observe someone's actions. Because actions prove more than words.

    And if their actions don't align with what they're saying… trust your intuition. Don't ignore it.

    In whatever way he claims to “love” you, it is not the kind of love you're looking for.

  3. He didn’t have sexual relationships with them just talk to them but I do get tested every year tho But I do think that and I asked him how could he say he loves me but still cheat & he said he wouldn’t be asking to talk to me if he’s feelings weren’t real


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