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  1. This doesn’t make sense to me. His friends could have had mediocre sex 1 time with 100 different people. While he could be in a committed relationship with you, figured out what y’all like. And had sex 600x. Why does the amount of people matter to him ?

  2. F*CK NO!!! Wake up and only communicate about the children, you have them for a reason remember that!!! Stop having sex with her and stop letting her stay over and stop helping her out. She will never stop, you will never trust her and she's only using you. Get tested for STD'S and again stop having sex with her before she baby traps you again.

  3. you'll be going back for more apparently.

    Yeah, unfortunately I am going back to school and this is the only way I can pay for it. I currently pay $1300 per month for my apartment and electric bill. When I move home I'll only be paying my mom $700, so I have more to put away for tuition. I would really like to avoid it but I'm having a very hot time saving anything each month as it is, and the $700 should really help my mom. I'm not the same person I was when I lived at home and I think I will be alright, but I'm not putting up with any of her shit.

  4. A prenup is great! I’m not arguing either, i just wanna make sure you don’t accidentally sucked into a bad relationship with a ring! Make sure you think of everything like if abuse or cheating happens and watch the wording.

    Just gonna guess because people typically have different definitions of long term. I would argue in terms of life and dating, a year is not long term, 2 years would be the minimum for long term for most people. Especially when your talking about a 50+ year commitment.

    Another thing would be how long have you been not in a relationship? Have you been there to find yourself? Because sometimes we need a few years to just find ourselves.

    Have you guys talked about children? This is a huge thing to make sure is throughly talked about. I would argue that you both should wait till he’s done and is at home (full time) and at least 2 years after that until kids come into the picture so that you know how you guys truly are together when hardship comes and goes.

    You’ve also said you’d love to get your ankle fixed. May I ask what’s going on with your ankle and how his job would help? Is it the insurance?

  5. Break up. You are not compatible. Your relationship is not healthy because your boyfriend has issues. He should abstain from all sexual activity. It is very hypocritical for him to criticize you for an activity he consented to and participated in. He’s gross.


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