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  1. Being truly in love and breaking up is tough man, I say move on, get happy, then if you want to remain friends or get back in touch then than you can. It took me quite some time (months maybe 1 year and some change) before I was able to be friends with an ex the first go round and I will speak when I see her which is rare or some random message every couple years about something random but that’s about it in my experience. I say heal and move on. Let go.

  2. i mean if hes unable to get one for himself i would consider that a red flag.

    and its YOUR name on it if it gets stolen and a crime is committed with it. its a big responsibility.

    **also i think if you have a gun in the house all adults should all be able to handle it, load/unload it, and know the proper way to shoot. and a gun safe.

  3. it's not the play slapping that's the abuse, it's the refusing to respect your reasonable boundaries and emotional and physical discomfort and refusing to ever take accountability, making you miserable and waiting until you go to leave before offering a half passed back handed apology IS abuse, it's not physical but it doesn't have to be. I also have sensory sensitivity, not in the same ways as you but to a similar level of discomfort and upset especially around clothes and textures but for me it's light, it would be like if my boyfriend shone a blue light in my eyes every day for a few seconds as a joke. It would make me miserable and hurt my eyes and head and ruin my entire day. There doesn't need to be bruises for this to be abuse. He's manipulative and selfish and plain and simple does not care about you or your comfort or happiness more than he cares about himself.

  4. 10 months is way too early to be worrying about marriage and kids. She’s clueless about relationships. Is she constantly talking about engagement and having kids to pressure you? Or is it just very on her mind?

  5. Ok well maybe that’s the disconnect I’m having with people here. Because now people are attacking me because I said I wanted to be spoiled as if I’m asking for someone who has all of this money and I offer them nothing! That’s not my intention and I wish people would have asked that before assuming that’s what I meant.

  6. You already DO actually HELP him pay his debt.

    Do you realize that?

    You covering HIS share of the cost leaves him free to spend less of his money on your couple.

    And more on himself.

    It's HIM who is bad with money. NOT you.

    Where did all the money go that he saved at your ecpense?

  7. Look into having your parents and grandparents put the entire inheritance into trust or a corporation and give you the shares and/or put you on the board.

    These predate your marriage and would likely not be subject to marital asset rules (depending on location). Everything you earn during marriage will be shared if you live! in a community property state.

  8. Read your post back to yourself and ask yourself if this was my best friend or my sister, how would you feel about them being in this situation? The answer is in your post.


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