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8 thoughts on “Anna-Vebsh live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. As the beyond traumatized oldest of 9 from a father who would describe his “success as a father” in a scarily identical way to how you have worded this post and your comments, sincerely fuck you. You don’t realize the damage you’ve likely already done, but you will.

  2. Get over yourself and do the test, then sit down and have a serious conversation with him about trust and his friends.

    The people telling you to immediately get a divorce are fucking unhinged with no connection to reality.

  3. So you married your daughters friend who is the same age as your daughter and see nothing disturbing about it? Get help andeave your poor daughter alone

  4. There are some very simple concepts to any long term relationship that must coincide with each other in order for it to have any chance of it lasting.

    These things do not have to exactly line up, but they do have to be similar enough… if they are not, then the two just are not long term compatible.

    If you two want different things for the most fundamental part of your relationship together, it will never work out.

    With whatever you two decide, resentment will forevermore be present here and it will rot out your relationship.

    Separating and going your own ways to find what you’re both looking for is honestly the only real option you have in this situation.


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