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  1. Yeah this is a huge ick to me lol I do not understand the people saying it’s sweet. It’s fine to update that privately to a good friend but on a public story? No thanks. Seems like the type to love bomb you.

  2. “when he is sober he is angel” Is what every battered woman, involved with an alcoholic says. Get out, he is not an angel he is someone who drinks too much and then verbally abuses you. You did exactly the right thing. Go go Alanon (I am a recovering drunk and he is classic) it will help you not to choose him or someone like him again.

  3. Addicts absolutely need support, but the partner has to look out for themselves as well.

    Addicts need support, not someone that will be a pushover and let them keep making the same mistakes. He lied to her about a coke addiction and was stealing money from her to pay for it.

    The best thing OP could do in this situation would be to keep offering support but to pull back. Take away his access to her money and make sure he can't manipulate her either. If that means they have to online separately for a while, then they do what they have to.


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