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19 thoughts on “Annamarshxlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. The only reason you should be trying to change your physical appearance is because YOU want to achieve a certain look for YOU. Don't chase his fantasy, especially since he loves you regardless.

  2. Some men are selfish asshats.

    My wife had severe PPD to the point she was hospitalized 2x. I was alone w our newborn daughter for several weeks before she could come home but I never stop caring for her & my daughter. If this man says such hateful things to you he doesn’t love you & he doesn’t deserve you. If he doesn’t help w the baby he really doesn’t care. And yes I said care for the baby not baby sit. Parents don’t baby sit. They care for their child.

    I worked nights 10p-6a and my wife worked 8a-5p and we made it all work. I took care of her during the day and she took care of her at night. Albeit both of us were tired but when you have a child it’s expected. It hits a nerve w me when dads don’t contribute to the care of their own child. So what if you work the baby still needs care. Still needs to be fed and changed at night. Mother needs help and breaks from constant care & crying etc. I guess I’m just biased because I firmly believe fathers should split the care 50-50.

    I would never say those things to my wife he’s said to you. Age gap doesn’t matter, grooming doesn’t apply here as some suggested because it only applies to children. There is absolutely no excuse for his actions and lack of care for you & the baby. PPD can last for several years after birth and sometimes being belittled, having no help and the treatment you’re receiving from him can set it off so be careful. Some people have no idea how bad PPD is or can be. He doesn’t understand that you can’t just pop back into shape or get over your depression over the weekend. He helped create the child so he needs to understand how hard it all is on new mothers.

    With his attitude and the way he talks to you and hangs w his friends I believe you’d be better off w o him and let him pay child support. If you’re going to have to do it all anyway why put up w that kind of treatment?

    It may not help but if you had either a pamphlet or printouts of PPD you could ask him to read so he can better understand what you’ve gone through it may help but i think he’s too far gone to really care about you. I’m so sorry you’re having to endure his hate. I truly wish you the best!

  3. Your posted definition of grooming includes brushing hair. I don’t think you’re using the correct definition.

    A paper released by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is where I got my definition.

  4. An open relationship is all about informed consent so if one person says no, that should be the end of the matter

  5. People are concerned about you. That's a huge age gap and creates a big power dynamic that is unhealthy and unsafe. It's not normal for a man that age to date someone who has the life experience of a child compared to him. He's lived your whole life twice! You will likely not listen to us as you haven't even listened to your own family but I hope you leave eventually.

  6. Has this guy been in a controlling relationship before?

    I've got a friend who does the same, because his ex would scrutinise everything about him constantly. It was exhausting even to just see happen

  7. Hey, it’s totally okay to tell him you can’t do lunch. Tell him you’re busy or are using lunch as “you” time. Do not feel forced to go.

  8. I'd try to ignore it. If they get frisky around you, you can do the same with wife to get them to stop.

  9. How to approach it?

    “I’m breaking up with you because I want to explore polyamory and I understand this is something you are not interested in as a monogamous person. I realize our relationship is based on monogamy, therefore I must leave it to explore this lifestyle”.

  10. At that point how would I even ask for it though. I’m in a new relationship. And I do not talk to my ex at all. I just sometimes that it didn’t exist but not because he destroyed it out of spite.

  11. Move on. She broke up with you, blocked you, and isn't responding to your messages. There's no trying to keep something going when the other person clearly doesn't want that.

  12. You could always say to her the next time you're alone with her in your car or at work..”You know, this is going to sound silly but I don't even know your name”.

  13. I am so sorry, you are not at fault here, you are no morally deviant, you found yourself in a compromised situation, but lesson learned from this is to alway trust your gut. I understand that not getting closure could be painful and could cause a lot of anxiety, that's why I would suggest seeing a counsellor, you would be able to talk about your experience and get help coming to terms with how it ended.

  14. Haven’t spoken to her yet. It’s just sus to me. She could be telling the truth but how should I go about things with her?


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