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    They want to see the kids so damn bad, they can go to your place to see them. Simple as that.

  2. This video was unwatchable to me, because I found that person intensely obnoxious and self-obsessed. I had to turn it off after 7 minutes. It wasn't the subject matter, just the person.

  3. Oh that makes sense. I guess I never saw it that way. I guess part of the problem was that there was no acknowledgment of a problem, and I refused to take that as a sign that whatever remanents of friendship there was, it was over. But yeah, I do need to take some time off.

    I have lately been told that crying while angry is not the appropriate response to anger.

  4. Don't assume that what you consider looking your best is the same as what he finds attractive. Talk to him about it.

    You two not being able or willing to communicate about something like this is what you should be more concerned about.

  5. No. No no no no. Get a lawyer to put pressure on him to get your money back. Don't entertain this asshole any longer. You'll do much better without him.

  6. Oh bro, alright they are 100% capable of understanding this situation. Just explain that your mom isn't treating you right, like an adult, so you have to do what's best for your mental health and move out. But also make sure they know that they are still loved and that you'll still visit them and help them when they need.

    I'm very confident that they'll understand. You just gotta trust yourself and trust them. You can do it, dude!

  7. Seriously. She has a pattern of cheating and now has openly told you that is her plan. It would probably be best to just end the relationship, AND don’t get back together . Then she can go sleep with whomever she wants and not use OP as her standby bf.

    Sorry this happened, but better to find out in advance vs afterward like it happened before.

  8. Well I’m 29 and I disagree lol. When I was 18 I was just learning to live! on my own in a dorm and manage my own responsibilities. When I was 23 I moved to the other side of the planet by myself and I taught teenagers for a living.

  9. A solid supportive man would be urging you to go. If he doesn't trust you he doesn't truly love you. Please don't let his insecurity cause you to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

  10. The bills side of it is because she's a waitress that only works like 20h a week. And he's a bartender which to me is a sign of character on his part. I've made the same point about it being a time bomb. He's got mental issues as well so that is completely valid. Apparently she's told him many times to leave, but he'll party for a few days, come back and insult her in front of the kid. She also says she separates each other's belongings once in awhile. I've had breakups like anyone else but I've just walked away and started over. She does love her baby, but when you're having people watch your kid to goto the bar frequently, that's a bad sign too. I think you're right just leave the situation. I can't call cps because I don't have the guts to do it. I appreciate your input!


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