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  1. Did you by any chance have a narcissistic or emotionally immature parent? It sounds a bit like your partner might be a narcissist, and often we can fall for one of one of our parents was one (as it mimics the “love” we received from them, and because it’s familiar/we don’t know any better, we mistake it for genuine love/care.)

    Check out: Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents. I swear this book is helping me recover and understand better than most other resources have so far.

  2. I totally believe you have good intentions, usually people who give unsolicited advice simply want to help. The problem is you’re deciding for her that she needs help because you think she’s not doing enough for herself. That’s controlling and codependent behavior, though I dont believe you mean to be. She needs to decide that for herself what she needs. Think about it, what would you prefer, someone that tells you what you need to fix, or someone who listens to what’s wrong comforts you and then supports and helps you in figuring out your own solutions?

  3. That is what I have been thinking. She and I really love each other though so I keep getting drawn back into the relationship. It has been hard to let go, especially since she wants to stay together. Now I am thinking our love (on my end anyway) is more platonic than romantic, like a close friend or sister of some kind. She is still clinging to the relationship and really loves me romantically, and we still care about each other similar to each of our views on the relationship.

  4. Well he was an idiot for dating and marrying an immature kid. And you’re an AH for pretending you didn’t actively choose to cheat.

    Your marriage will end either way. So good luck with your crappy life choices


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