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9 thoughts on “Ariana-jones online sex cams for YOU!

  1. He sounds like a controlling misogynist. I would leave and ghost his ass. People like this don’t change, so unless you want to deal with this and worse for the rest of your life… just leave.

  2. Don’t invest in someone based on how much you like them— invest in someone based on how much THEY invest in YOU. Read it again. He’s not even investing enough energy to remember things you don’t like. He’s not investing any respect. He sped off and didn’t let you talk to him or actually have a discussion, so he’s not investing time…. Doesn’t sound great. I wish I hear that first sentence earlier in life. Read it again if you have to.

  3. Honestly, I'm worried about her if she's having unregulated emotional outbursts. She needs therapy and maybe screening if she has PTSD.

    As far as the 'she was pregnant before' 'concern', I don't know if you know this but women have abortions all the time – spontaneous abortions – a.k.a. miscarriage. A lot of women have them and didn't even know they were pregnant. For all you know anyone you want to marry and have kids with might have had an abortion.

  4. ?

    The only running I will do is to get as many things knocked off the bucket list in the next 1-2 months.


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