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6 thoughts on “ASHLEY live webcams for YOU!

  1. It’s already been decided that this is the Christmas that determines future Christmases. With the advice from here I plan on letting my dad know that if hubby is not invited, there won’t be another Christmas, birthday or any other family gathering.

  2. It's fucked up how this assholes play with sicide like that just to manipulate, like the false rpe alegations it hurts people that are truly living through those situations, true victims don't get the attention they need because of this fucking sentient excrements.

    Next time they come to talk to you about how he “tried” to off himself just tell them “damn useless, can't even do that right” and make sure someone tells him what You said, maybe then he Will drop that bullshit.

  3. I just came across this after reading OP’s recent update. Best wishes and strength to you. I hope you find happiness without his dead weight.

  4. Sounds like projection to me…. This is not normal behavior in a relationship. She’s being sus.

    Good luck man!

  5. Sorry I probably not explaining this clear enough. We currently are renting two small places for our own in the city we works. He usually stays in the place I rent now. The house I bought which is still under construction is also in the city we work. And we will have to live in this one when we get married. Since he already bought another house with his families in the city he is from and just starts paying the loan. For this situation, currently we don’t have extra money to buy another house belong to us. And the housing price spikes all of a sudden in our county recently. So the thing I feel unfair is that he is not willing to contribute to our future house ( the place I bought before we met)


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