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i love you [Multi Goal]

9 thoughts on “ashleyblondy

  1. Yea fr that's true.Cos in they're eyes cos I'm having sex with him there they may feel they can too cos I'm comfortable doing it while their there smh it's bs

  2. His lack of understanding isn’t your problem 🙂 if he gets to be too much, blocking is absolutely your friend. Congrats!

  3. You won’t be able too. So you may hang on to get some revenge or just to be pampered or loved more. It’s all bukkshit. Pack up

  4. Lol i ain’t falling for her none of her shit. She has nothing but issues. If she does the same shit she did to me, but to her next bf, they won’t be lasting more than a few months. Girl went from being the innocent girl, who was cute to being a walking red flag, turning into something she ain’t. Her best-friends ain’t any better as-well but when i said that, she completely dismissed me

  5. Nothing personal here, just want you to know that I did not read your post. I did however read your title and that was all I needed. He is abusive and blaming you for it. “I wouldn’t do this if you didn’t make me” is a standard phrase for abusers. It’s one of those red flag phrases that lets you know exactly what is going on. Please find some safety for yourself because it won’t happen with him in the picture.

  6. This dude is making you insecure because he is crossing serious boundaries. Find a better guy who puts you first.


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