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11 thoughts on “Ashleygreene on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. First off none of that is your fault, he's abusive by verbally threatenig and doing this it's manipulation, can the police or his family that's all you can do. You should also break up with him and block him so he can't send you anymore threatening texts

  2. It's very very hot not to have emotions for someone you have sex with so stop that and stop drinking with him as that's likely to lead to that as well.

    If that doesn't work then you may need to find a new roommate, preferably one you're not attracted to.

  3. Well the other “caring” guy is married too so filing for divorce on her part is stupid atm. Maybe when the “caring” guy comes clean to his “monster” wife then they both will file for divorce and live! a “caring” life together.

  4. Who does it hurt though. I randomly collected toothpicks for no particular reason when I was a teen. Some people collect things just for the fuck of it, OP's bf sounds so stuck up and dramatic fr

  5. Dating is cool just don’t date somebody who’s head is attempting to cheat on their boyfriend

  6. What kind of things do they talk about? If it’s just the conversation, try and see if you can have a conversation about an interesting subject between the two of you. I love my convos with my husband, it does stimulate my mind, and honestly when you don’t get intelligent conversation with other people, its a joy to find someone you can have a deeper discussion with.

    Now I’m not saying that there’s anything going on between your friend and girlfriend, there might be, but I’m not getting that. So try and tap into that deeper side with your girlfriend and see if she’s the same with you.

    Also don’t compare yourself to anyone else too. You’re you and no one can be as awesome as you are in your own way. Trust me, when you find someone you click with, you’re not looking at anyone else. So trust yourself.

    And worse comes to worse, she cheats, you break up and move on.

  7. I struggle to see how a Fine Arts degree is going to improve anyone’s job prospects at 33? But anyways.

    LMAO good fucking point

  8. Sounds like you could be describing thrush/ yeast infection but as other commenters have said, tell him to his talkywhacker to the doctor


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