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Astra Rose & Cade Solace, y.o.

Location: Arizona, United States

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Astra Rose & Cade Solace on-line sex chat

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  2. Tell you grandma and everyone else Roger abandoned me when the going got tough but step dad was with me through thick and thin. I appreciate that Roger is back in my life but he lost the rank of dad when he ran away.

  3. …well yeah, of course theres nothing wrong with getting a nosejob until you come to regret it. If she was happy with it than id be psyched for her, but thats not the case here obviously.

    Im curios as to what specifically you think i was “holding against her”. She hates it, her words, and wishes to reverse it, so i find your defense of Nose jobs, which literally no one said anything negative about in a broad sense, only in relation to OPs specific case, to be quite strange

  4. Why should you have to let it go? He betrayed your trust and cheated on you. If I were you I wouldn't stay. You clearly resent him for it. Has he even done anything to make up for it to you? Apologized? Done anything at all to get back into your good graces? Or his he just trying to sweep it under the rug?


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