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Model from: ve

Languages: es,en

Birth Date: 1997-10-20

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorBlack

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10 thoughts on “avis_12live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. It also begs the question, what age was his best friend's cousin when he first met her, was she a child? Because that changes things

    How long have they been close? Or did he meet her at 19 and they feel into this kind of relationship?

  2. Nowhere does it say he's insecure. He demands oral 3x a week but hasn't reciprocated since September, and seems to refuse to hear her out or participate in any meaningful communication about it. She's probably reasonably feeling like that's unfair and her needs haven't been met for a while now.

  3. She is toxic and you know it. If she doesn't want to admit her wrongdoing it can't be fixed. Not to mention I can't help, but wonder what is she doing with her 2 “friends”. Did she ever had romantic relations with them or sex? If yes then you shouldn't have been ok about it from the start.

  4. Bc my parents call myself and my partner regularly asking for “help” or favors related to my brother, my mom calls me regularly having mental breakdowns/panic attacks which I hold space for bc nobody else is nice to her and they intentionally withheld this information from me knowing I would not partake in said favors/help with money/sit through my mom having a panic attack she brought up on herself by being my brother's personal doormat for his constant crisis's. They leave information out and pretend things are unrelated to him bc they know my relationship w him is very conditional and I had to help mom w Xmas this year bc she called me inconsolable about their finances, which I had no idea were caused by their actions of enabling my brother at the time. Had I known, It would've been a nude no.

  5. Emotional investment. That is a good point. That is what I am struggling with. He’ll put more effort if I ask him and i know he’ll try. But I’m scared it’ll tire him out and im not sure if asking him to do so is the right thing. People say trying to change your bf/gf is not good. I’m scared I might be doing that to him. It’s really tough cuz i know he loves me but I have to keep asking him for more. For the “standard”

  6. Man, you don't sound like you want the truth. You want to believe the lie, but that shred of self-esteem won't shut up. How does her story make anything Ok? She still messed around with her friend in front of her husband, and you KNOW that's not where it stopped. You just can't avoid the thought of them going at it with her and then knowingly smiling behind your back for 4 years. She lied about nothing happening, from there on out, it's just semantics.

  7. You're more than welcome to check my posting history. My partner's family has been against me since day one and it was really only last year, after 19 years together, that they really put their foot down. Of course, that doesn't mean my partner openly let them talk smack about and to me, they just weren't firm enough until last year.

    Anyway, when her family is hostile to and about you, what does she do?


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