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  1. Were you adopted?

    Mom was 55 when she had you?

    Tell them it is their choice to cut you out, but you need to live! your life!!

  2. Dogs this size probably do need outdoor time to run around and of course do their pooping, but they should also know how to behave inside the house as part of the family. They should absolutely know never to take food from any human hand if it is not being offered to them, and they should know their teeth must never touch human skin. These things are entirely possible to teach dogs. If your husband can control them, and you can't then maybe they should only be allowed inside the house when he's home?

    It also sounds like these dogs need a lot more exercise. They don't get enough exercise just hanging out in the yard, unless maybe you live on a farm or something. They need walks on a regular basis where they practice following the human who is walking them.

    I don't know what kind of “training” the dogs have had but in their current state they are dangerous to your child in that they make the house so filthy it can't be cleaned, and in that they are large and might easily accidentally harm a child even if they have no aggressive intent.

    Owning dogs, especially big ones, is a family project. The dogs must learn to respect everyone in the home. I personally like Cesar Milan's approach, some people don't, there are other dog trainers and behavior experts out there. You might check out some of the Dog Whisperer videos and see if there are any pointers that resonate with you.

    All that said, if your husband is just going to let these animals destroy the house and threaten his child, and you can't make any progress, divorce sure seems like a viable option to me.


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