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10 thoughts on “Ayesha-Singhanialive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. He seems quite impatient, childish, and demanding. He wanted you for sex and he didn’t get it so he got upset. A partner that only loves mecfor sex is not a partner I would want to be with in my opinion.

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  3. He knows. He doesn't give a shit. He wanted to invrease his number. Now he did that and he can go back to “normal”. Don't waste your time with him. Just block him and move on. If he keeps harassing you, tell him to stop the harassment or you'll get a restraining order.

  4. A fantasy is just a fantasy unless you want to make it into reality and you don't and it's not like you would see the girl again. I would let it go.

  5. Dude exactly. And OP, if you were to go back to him, you're subconsciously letting him know that this shit is okay to let slide. You'd be rewarding this behavior if you took him back. Don't fucking do it man.

  6. I never intend to date her or make her my girlfriend. That's why I said we are just friends. The love is hormonal, she is always in my mind. I only want her as a friend and I have always told her that


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