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  2. I don't think it's manipulation, but you both need a set of ground rules for living together.

    Have a clear, explicit conversation. State one last time you want a committed relationship and don't want to be hooking up anymore. If she really does not want that with you then you need to respect her wishes. In other words, not “I'm rejecting you sexually to punish you for hurting my feelings” but- “hey, I need to protect myself here so we're changing our dynamic”

    You both need to really decide what is best for raising a child together, get a legal agreement in order with both parents' rights stated, and if separate homes is the way to go.

    No offense, but the whole thing is really messy. At least put the kid first from here on out, including working on your communication with each other to co-parent decently.

  3. Literally the only “proof” she had was you hugging someone. If that is enough to lit the cheating alarms then…. oof! What a rough future you will have.

  4. I would be so embarrassed if my bf of 6 years wasn’t accompanying me if I was a bridesmaid. Everyone will notice and wonder wtf is going on or who died to prevent him from coming.


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