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  1. Thank you!! I agree with some other commenters that the kissing thing could be a deal breaker for a lot of people. But she’s ALWAYS been this way for the entire four years they’ve dated. If it bothered him that much he should have moved on. Instead, he thought he could eventually wear her down and get her to break the boundaries that she set. I’ve had that happen in many relationships where I try to set boundaries and my partner (mostly men) just keeps pushing them. And then he flipped the table??? That’s too much. This relationship def needs to end.

  2. Agreed that you should talk to him. For all you know, she came onto him, he rejected her, and that's why she never responded to him again.

  3. She needs to work with a psychotherapist. Even if we could identify the root of her discomfort, we can't help her solve it. She needs a mental health professional.

  4. They’re just saying “if it’s not the product of an ongoing affair prior”. In this scenario the sister isn’t at fault at all. If there was an ongoing affair, the sister is at fault for that part.

  5. There's cheating and then there's whatever this is.

    How can you ever trust this woman again?

    Also ew she's not been using protection, which is risking your health.

  6. Lol girl! You're reading too much into this stupid videos where they say “if he takes you to his barber then you know it's real.” It's not that serious.

  7. “Communicate.”

    She agreed to have the photos taken, she’s just as guilty as the friend. She thought it’d be a good idea to take hard pictures of herself in front of his friend.

    He should divorce her, and cut all communications with them if they think that this is acceptable at all.

  8. He thinks your writing is dangerous because it makes it harder for him to control the narrative surrounding your relationship. People who don't write seem to think that almost 100% of your source material is derived from real life, so if you write about a woman in an unfulfilled relationship, he thinks that others will think that you're pining for something else and that makes him insecure.


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