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  1. Maybe you should though? They would hopefully talk some sense into you. You should already be on your way back to the airport or at least to the nearest hotel.

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  3. It's not fair to ask you to hide the truth about your father, just so he can make a fresh start with someone else. He alone is responsible for his actions and the consequences that come with it. It's not on you!! If you want a relationship with your sister and you feel this secret is getting in the way of that you should tell her.

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  5. Stop being a martyr! Get a lawyer! She's an adult who made an adult decision, she gets to deal with the consequences like an adult.

  6. your friends are bad friends for bringing your ex into the group without letting you make the final say. id find new friends

  7. Feel like tjisnistue same post from earlier and OP didn't like the responses so she decided to reframe the story again. So sad.

  8. No, but it got gradually more and more distant as the relationship went on. The other aspects of our marriage are great, but some things you think you can online without until time passes

  9. Lol i'm a pet owner and have owned many, as in dozens, of pets in my life. What in the fuck would I do with a pile of hair? Zero interest.

    If i dated someone with a drawer full of dead animal hair I would also be weirded out.

  10. So what if he apologized? Is that really all you need? You need to understand that if that’s all it’ll take for him to get away with being a terrible partner, then it’ll just happen again. At that point, would you then just need an apology? If so, you have to know that he’s never going to change. Why? Because you’ve shown him there’s no consequences for his actions.

    What’s worse though is that he literally doesn’t care. You confronted him and he’s just avoiding you. You’re now here trying to rationalize his behavior and feeling like you’re in the wrong. Take a step back and think about this logically; are you in the wrong?

  11. Lots of good information here already. Important to remember, not to be gaslite into thinking any of this was your fault.

  12. If it helps, I've had a couple of threesomes (same woman, different partners, one MMF, one MFF). They were both great, incredibly fun, hot as fuck, and it made our relationship stronger.

  13. As a Chinese and Mexican-American. Your girlfriend is kind of fucking stupid. She’s right that all people have racist biases that are learned.

    She’s wrong about what is and isn’t racist. An actual historical movie does not need to include fake diversity. I would argue it could be racist to include fake diversity as it’s ignoring the very real and actual segregation and racism that existed at NASA.

    It’s not even remotely racist to like a food, whatever that food is. I love Panda Express and Taco Bell even though neither is authentic to my traditional cuisines. They’re still tasty!

    Calling herself “the closest to Vietnamese” is racist too. I might say something like that as a joke but if I was ever serious I would expect my Vietnamese friends to slap the shit out of me. Vietnamese and Chinese have similarities but they’re also just such very different cultures and cuisines. There’s also the fact that Chinese people can be very discriminatory towards Vietnamese people and they are not always treated as well as we are.

    There absolutely are conversations about race that white people should take a backseat in, it doesn’t sound like any of the ones she’s talking about are those conversations.

    She herself is an awful racist. You don’t need the victims of your racism to speak to you directly about it in order to acknowledge your racism. My 80’s Chinese grandma has prejudices towards brown people that pop up now and again. Every time I call her out on it, she acts like an adult and owns up to it and then goes on to try and correct her ideas or attitudes. If a conservative, set in her ways, old lady can do it, your 20 year old, seemingly wanting to be progressive, girlfriend can act like an adult and do it too.

    She’s very much trivializing actual racism, both in regards to saying things that aren’t racist are, and her actual racism. There are real and valid points that she seems to be bastardizing because she either doesn’t understand the points or just wants to be contrarian.

    I’m gonna be honest, she sounds awful and like a horrible person to be around. I personally wouldn’t stick around for it. I don’t see anyway she would listen to you if she dismisses your comments because you’re white. You won’t ever stop being white and if she’s so set in her ways and obnoxiousness, then what could possibly be done?

    Your options are to either stick with a racist who belittles brown people and makes up fake racism and hope she’ll change when there seems to be no way for you to actually engage in a real conversation with her or break up with her. I hope she might actually listen to reason and become a better person but, from what you’re describing, it sounds doubtful. Good luck!

  14. 4 moths is too soon to think of marriage. If you wantvsome you can rely on, then he isn't that person. If you ate the kind of person that would put relationship/ family before work, then he needs to be on the same page or you should break up.

    Btw, in situation where even for one of you work comes before family, do not have children, as they deserve better than that.

  15. Honestly the whole vibe OP gives off is… uncomfortable to say the least. He forced her to talk about it. He made it all about himself. He thinks her needing time is bs. He resents her for needing time. He is mad about not getting some for two weeks. He tried to wake her up for sex? Am i the only one who is bothered by all of this?

  16. Honestly the title anyone is enough to break up with him. The rest of the post just added to he red flags. Only that really doesn’t matter is the age difference.

  17. Honestly i was just kinda bullshittin with the dangerously beautiful part because he had said it like that to me. Its mostly when men are attracted to me physically but cant handle the actual person i am…And you're completely right about that 1st part, but i also feel like i have invested in this too, and for some reason he acts maturely enough to apologize but always ends up bringing it up. For example, yesterday night he brought up how he feels like when he compliments me “i dont react in the way he wants” and i asked how should i react, after letting him know that i always get compliments and that him telling me “im beautiful” every 5 secs defeats the purpose opposed to phrasing it in something i would react to in a sense. And he just said “well im being treated like any other guy (brought up the tiktok fans again) and i maturely told him that if that was an issue still? (Even having deactivated my socials for him) and told him that he was gaslighting me in a sense at this point for not getting what he wants.

  18. It doesn’t sound like he is playing you. Maybe he’s playing the long game, but it sounds like he just actually wants to be your friend. Nothing written here screams, or even whispers, red flag to me on his end. However, if you aren’t comfortable being friend when you’re still attracted to and feel a connection with him, you don’t have to be. Just let him know like “hey, I’m glad you want to be friends but much like you aren’t in a place to be in a relationship, I’m not in a place to have a friendship with you because of my own feelings”. No one is right or wrong here. I have an ex that I had a pretty instant amazing connection with, pretty whirlwind romance, then a tragedy occurred on his side and he needed to end things, for reasons similar to your ex. There is no way, even right now nearly a year later, that I could sit in a room with him and pretend to be “just friends”. Sometimes the rare text exchange we have is too much to be quite honestly. I’ve told him as such, that I just needed time and space and maybe one day. You just need to do the same.


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