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19 thoughts on “Bad_Slut_Teacherlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Get as much of everything organized as you can prior to making the official announcement. Lease, bills in your name, moving preparations, etc. Then matter of factly present this information to them.

  2. This. My first boyfriend was super abusive in any way you can think of. He didn't even let me watch anime and LOTR and listen to Justin Timberlake because I loved them ? like what. I was 17 an naive so I didn't get it back then.

    With my current partner though, he knows that I swoon every time I see Jensen Ackles, so while we were watching The Boys he kept teasing me about it and we'd both laugh. I can't imagine him being jealous of an actor! Like what?

  3. I brought it up to him today and it’s so naked for me to say, “clean yourself properly or we break up.” He’s offended that I keep bringing up his hygiene and getting irritated about it, I just don’t know how to stand my ground or know for sure that he’s cleaning properly ?

  4. We were in bed and in a certain position I felt like I was going to pee it was so intense and I ran to the bathroom and to my surprise I didn’t have to pee. He was like “ did you think you were gonna pee” I said “UMYEAH” he was like “you’re a squirter” we laid towels down and “experimented”. We tried more but the feeling was there but not as intense as it was in the moment. He was like “my baby’s a squirter” I was like “uh no” I can’t do it.

  5. You can only have so many ups and downs, bc you figure out he’s causing them. Your eyes are open, he’s doing snaky stuff so he can explore or monkey branch. Stop the cycle and set yourself free.

  6. If you don't trust your boyfriend when you can't watch him for 96 hours you don't trust him. Here's a thought experiment, how long could he be out of your sight before you worry he would sleep with the first girl to initiate with him? We know 96 hours is the max what's the minimum?

  7. She said he changed his mind after only 3 days. There's no way. We all know he didn't change his mind in only 3 days.

  8. I feel like the comments section read a completely different post to me, nothing in the comments suggests that he was abusing her or forcing her to go out after a 24 hour shift, and I can't see any comments to that effect either other than “he didn't want to drive”. I also don't get why people think he is “keeping tabs” or is a “bad boyfriend” based on *one throwaway line, jfc.

    To me the whole situation sounds like creative writing as it seems very unlikely that someone worked a 24 hour shift as that would violate most countries labour laws (unless this is a country without labour laws) and it seems equally unlikely that you wouldn't have slept for 24 hours (although it's likely more if you 'worked' a 24 hour shift) and still be driving (if you do this, don't). It also depends what the job is, and how much break you get between, you don't go in detail about this so it's kind of sketchy.

    I'll bite though, it sounds like your boyfriend has identified a repeated pattern of behaviour (maybe because of your job) and this actual event is just the straw that broke the camel's back and not actually the reason he had enough. Admittedly this is pretty childish behaviour but perhaps he has been reaching out for a long time and you have just missed it, not been receptive or just been combative about it completely.

    It sounds like you're not ready for a relationship and he is tired of your excuses and tardiness, so perhaps it's time you fly solo until you're in more of a position to be in a relationship with someone without constantly having them feel like they are down the list of priorities.

    Also, don't drive while tired, you'll hurt / kill yourself or someone else eventually.

  9. Never take a lack of communication as communication.

    (From Army radio training) communication is 100% the responsibility of the sender and 100% the responsibility of the receiver.

    Call him. Tell him he is drifting away and it is upsetting you. Tell him you miss your closeness and wish he'd be honest with you about his feelings.

  10. I appreciate your effort in working out the possible scenarios. These will provide me a background in making my next move. Thank you.

  11. We’ve always been each other’s first choice

    And yet he chose her.

    You lost. Leave this man the fuck alone. I can see exactly why his wife doesn’t like you – I assure you it’s not because she’s “jealous of you.”

  12. Right!? Feels so good and the confidence is through the roof (until you meet someone who tries to drag you down)

  13. (i’m a psychopathic introvert).

    Hold up. What does this mean? Have you been diagnosed with ASPD? Are you in therapy and under treatment?

  14. Omg this is insane. I don't give a rats ass if you don't believe I'm a woman. I am on a phone so I don't have italics or bold for emphasis, all caps was meant as a “I'm laughing my ass off at how wrong you are”. I made a joke – you should run or run fast, meaning, their is no “stay” option, no option where you speak to this man in any way. Apparently nuanced humour isn't your forte, my apologies. In what possible way did I make this about a woman not being safe and making this all about me. Wheh….. I'm Canadian, we tend to be very dry and sarcastic. The fact that you are so obtuse and are doubling down is just a delight for my afternoon.


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