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  1. We planned on having a family together and when things are great they're amazing, but it's just been on and off bad for so long and I'm trying so very hot but this whole thing has caused me so much depression. I don't know if all this is because we are just incompatible, she's toxic, or both..

  2. If you’re in a relationship with someone u think will cheat on you with their bestfriend why are you with them?

  3. He's lucky you're a good dude. Don't blame you at all for having that as a personal standard. It's terrible that your “friend” actually did that to you.

    Along with how to handle him…it kinda jumps out that you were having sex you hated for damn good reason, and were at risk of passing out, and still didn't call it off.

    It's hot to not worry about that a bit.

    I know it's not always easy to make quick judgment calls in the heat of the moment, but you shouldn't have to put up with being hurt during sex, accidentally or otherwise.

    I hope you'd usually be willing to walk away as needed, even if it's awkward or abrupt, you know?

  4. Okay, maybe that is some kind of dissatisfaction. But I think you're not really getting what I'm talking about.

    Sure, I would enjoy sleeping with someone else outside of the relationship, but if my partner says that that is of the table, I will accept that and I'll still be happy within the relationship.

    Having some kind of open relationship or maybe a swinging thing would be a cool bonus, but I wouldn't define the entire relationship by it, just how I don't define the relationship currently just by sex or just our emotional bond.

  5. That makes a lot of sense, because when I think about it I am that way too. I was celibate for so long by my own accord just because I personally don’t desire sex regularly. When I’m with him in bed, I also don’t get horny, he could be spooning me or lying ontop of me, we joke around and say we’re eachothers weighted blanket, but my body doesn’t do anything with the feeling, and I do enjoy just being sweet and close to him without it turning into something. I think I like the idea and flashbacks of having sex more and that’s why I’ve been really in my head about this.

    I think I’m struggling comparing how he feels about sex and my body to my past relationships that were very much based on that to another extreme where I felt like that that came first, and then who I was as a person second. About 3 guys in my past were the type to cuddle and immediately need something to happen and it was exhausting and now I have to opposite end so I guess I’m trying to wrap my head around a relationship that isn’t the same as my others

  6. I have a friend like this and it's extremely exhausting. It's like she looks for things to complain about and worry about and it's just constant drama over dumb things.

    You can try to talk to your girlfriend about this and maybe she'll make an effort to stop.

    Yhere's also nothing wrong with ending a relationship that isn't working for you.


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