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  1. This is super dismissive of a really good response. u/idrinkmywifespiss has a good point. This woman has spent 5 months being with you, which to me is evidence that she is really into you, is patient, and is willing to put sex on the back burner while you guys take it slow.

  2. Thank you! What if if the post if picture of the person who posted, might be the caption? Even the caption is just mere emoji

  3. If we had a child and it didn’t work out, I could manage on my own and I know he would be a great father because I see how he is with his daughter now. If we couldn’t conceive, I would leave. Having a child on my own via a sperm donor is not an option for various reasons. I don’t see myself actually marrying him at this point for obvious reasons, and because I’m not necessarily big on marriage. We have great times together and I know I would never find a man that loves me like he does. I really really appreciate the advice. I have no one to talk about all this to, that’s why I love this community. I’ve been through a lot in my life and would like to think I’m a strong, determined woman who stands her ground. The only thing that is holding me back in these scenarios and other aspects of my life is the desperate desire to have a child ?

  4. You had multiple pregnancy scares in a single year? Yeah I'd be turned off from sex too. Why does this keep happening?

  5. What account is this money being sent from?

    You can check his credit report and see if he has any hidden accounts.

  6. I’ve been the girlfriend before and it kind of helped meeting the “triggered” friend because then I wasn’t just some stranger trying to take their best friend away. It was my therapist’s suggestion because I was pretty uncomfortable at the idea but it worked out and we got along fairly well and had quite a bit in common.

  7. She’s dating you. A stuffed animal is not a red flag. You are taking things slowly in that you aren’t together constantly. Seems healthy. Why are you looking for problems? And. Talk to her. Not us.

  8. You are missing the point. You are the person who has a problem. She does not. Do not make your problem into her problem.

  9. He is a disgusting, pig. Doesn't matter if you own a home together. Get a lawyer, put your big girl panties on and leave him.

    You had 2 bad runs, but there are plenty of men out there who won't cheat. Maybe your “picker” is off and you go after the same type. Get a therapist and fix your heart and your man picker.

    Maybe you should focus on what you love to do that doesn't involve a romantic partner to get your mind off of it. Build yourself up and make yourself interesting by pursuing hobbies or joining clubs.

  10. I’m guessing that’s not the only unkept promise you’ve made, OP. Your daughter has probably learned that you don’t follow through on your commitments.

    Did you even talk to her before your sister moved in? Discuss what accommodations that she’d be willing to make? Or did you just assume that she would be okay with your unilateral decision to move three more people into your home? Why is it her responsibility to provide transportation for you and your sister when you are unable to?

    Is your sister receiving any benefits or assistance for her kids? Has she applied for housing benefits? How do her kids get to school?

    How are you going to afford to pay your expenses now?

  11. No he's a selfish dick. And you should seriously reconsider if you want to be in a relationship with a man who sees his life partners illness as an inconvenience to him

    You would be better off without him, at least there would be no expectation of support then

    Hey OPs husband, you are a pathetic excuse for a man and you should go fuck yourself

  12. Because your boyfriend is insecure (either about your relationship or about being able to provide you with nice things), he accuses you of being inappropriate with a student?? That’s so messed up.

    How did his best friend react? Did he encourage the pedo conclusion?

    Is your boyfriend normally a jealous person? That is such a strange reaction—I wonder if something else is going on.


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