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6 thoughts on “Barbarabee on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. I would second this overall (be respectful to the judge; do not, under any circumstances, contact her; operate legally and only engage through your lawyer no matter what she says or asks, etc).

    However, OP, I would extend not having contact her to indefinitely and forever, regardless of whether the NC/DVPO is kept or dropped.

    Once a relationship has reached the level of tumult and toxicity that the courts get involved, it’s time to sever the relationship. That means not just following every and all legal orders carefully and to a T with support from your council— it also means, were the order to be dropped, continuing this posture afterward.

    That means no reunions, no long phone calls, no meetups in a cafe. Handle separating re: the sale of the house with a lawyer. I would not restart or maintain even a social relationship no matter what orders are brought or dropped.

    This is the same advice I would give anyone I cared about, no matter what side of a DVPO they were on and what the circumstances were.

    A rough breakup is one thing, but legal consequences (and the type of toxicity that leads to legal consequences) can change the course of a life for the worse, permanently.

    Heal from anything you may need to while you’re out of contact. Take accountability for whatever you may need to without contact (or accepting contact from her). Once things have gotten there, it’s best for everyone to go their separate ways.

  2. Me too! My husband is a homebody and hates to travel. So I travel once or twice a year either alone or with a friend. We both enjoy our alone time.

  3. glad to hear it went pretty well! hopefully this will be the beginning of her truly addressing her issues. I'd be prepared for a backslide though. Its pretty common for ppl to slip back into old habits after a period of good behavior, especially when therapy isnt a part of the picture. If that happens, restate your boundary.

    and yw. ik it can be hard to be “stern” and create healthy boundaries. Many ppl find it unnatural at first and/or it feels like you're being “aggressive” yet its important to stick with it. Boundaries are meant to help both ppl and the relationship. They're meant to keep the relationship operating at a comfy level and if you didnt care, you wouldnt bother.

  4. I don't think you will ever get along. Being aggressive for me would be holding hair, pushing her to go down on you, doggy style ect. – things that she doesn't like.

    I would ask her to show you a porn of sex of her dreams.

  5. The trip is a few fucking months away, what the hell are you thinking?

    If it was tomorrow that might be a different story, but you want this guy to just hang around for months until you fuck some guy?


    If you like somebody then you don't fuck other people, end of story.


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