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  1. They will. You started dating too soon. I recently had this happen to me and it sucks. But I understood. I knew her circumstances and I should have listened to myself and not started dating her. Be the decent person and break it off with him, but do so honestly. He may be upset but it's better you don't waste his time any longer.

  2. Addiction is a funny thing. Keep communicating and draw a naked line in the sand. You don't have to break up with her for considering it, it's a natural feeling to want to, but DOING it after all he did isn't ok and she needs to know it isn't supported

  3. That makes sense, BUT shes only entitled to what you contributed during the marriage. If you contributed a lot prior to, that is considered separate property. So the question is are you saving enough to cover you both? Will it also be enough for her to be able to retire? She has no income currently, shes not competitive in the job market if shes been away from working so many years. She doesn’t earn any sick or vacation time, she doesn’t have the same benefits you do. Its know that being a SAHM puts women at financial risk/disadvantage. She is basically an unpaid caregiver. Just something to consider. You really should be going after your ex wife for child support and contributing that to your dtrs college fund, that is the fair thing to do.

  4. Lol (!). …so do my husband and I because he snores. Also, maybe it’s a guest room, but before you come over he adds more of her or his things to make it appear amorous occupancy. Somethings off, you know that.

  5. Why didn’t the husband go home if he was sleepy? Why wait? They all have to arrive and leave as a group? Fishy…. Husband and friend went to the park to hook up, husband was super fucked up, came-to as it was happening, and freaked out. Sorry

  6. Normally I’d say go with your friends but considering you’ve already lived with her before, this might be time to reevaluate the entire relationship. It doesn’t sound like you want to be with her right now and maybe you two should take time apart to grow as individuals. I don’t really see much freedom in not living completely alone l. I think that might be what’s getting to her. You aren’t moving on your own, you’re moving in with other people instead of moving with her so that might make her feel like you don’t want to be with her.

  7. you're really out here advocating for the husband! i'm glad you're okay if your partner sneaks around on you, but by judging by the comments most people wouldn't be.


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