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17 thoughts on “Barbieroberts live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Hmm, it seems this trend is growing.

    Whether it's what you're doing Insta is now seen as a dating app, so rightly or wrongly he sees it as you advertising and unless it's on private, it sorta is.

    But if he was so pressed to go to your school and just break up with, you may have dodged a bullet. He's is insecure but the way relationships are these days I understand why he's paranoid. But are you a bad girlfriend? Nah.

    Now go date someone in your friendzone?

  2. His mother has no interest in changing the situation, and he has no interest in going against his mother's wishes. She's going to keep using him and his account unless he's willing to stand up to her and force her to stop (and by force her, I mean take away her ability to do this, not just tell her that he wants her to stop).

    You know, he could at least solve the problem of not having access to his own money by just setting up another account for himself at a different bank and only using that account, while his mother keeps using the first account. He still would be responsible for the overdrafts and fees and such, but at least this issue of never having his bank card would be resolved.

  3. Having been a victim of bullying in the past does not give you the right to become a bully now in order to get something you want. Get therapy. Stop this crap. Learn to be a better person and overcome your trauma. Understand that you don’t get to have people just because you want them.

  4. Thanks, I did think of that. But the problem is, I know that me telling her that I don't like thinking about her previous experiences won't change anything. Like, it's not her fault, and there's nothing she can change about it anyway.

    Also, I can't help but feel that showing my insecurity about the dom/sub thing will just make me feel worse, since insecurity isn't exactly the most attractive trait. If I at least present as though I am confident in it, it might help. Everyone know that confidence is attractive so I don't want to do the opposite

    Maybe I should just lean into it more heavily and see how things go?

  5. You said it yourself, he’s emotionally unavailable. It sucks being in a relationship with someone who is that way.

  6. This is presented as a stark all-or-nothing when it’s not. Parents can and do give each other “breaks”. Time away, as it were. I feel like you’re over-simplifying a complex and flexible thing and that there’s plenty of room to help each other out that doesn’t demand both parental figures be “on” all the time. Kinda tone deaf, really. But on the other hand, if you are actually the kind of person who doesn’t just shoot their fool mouth off proclaiming stuff you can’t live up to, you actually step up – good luck! Being “on” all the time is exhausting. I hope you are given breaks when you need them, even if at the time you’re too stubborn to admit it. You’re still wrong, but that’s kind of a universal human trait, that we fuck up but get by somehow, so… have a good life? And maybe remember this later when you learn more.

  7. Your “girl friend” wants to be your girlfriend. What do you think that “prank” was about? She wanted to have you to herself, without your “date.”

    I don’t blame your “date” for leaving. It’s not insecurity. It’s that she realized that she was in a no-win situation. Hell, you even had her dealing with the gift for your “girl friend’s” fake birthday.

    Your “date” met your “girl friend” and was on to her. Good for your ex-date. The fact that you call her “date” tells me plenty.

  8. Hopping into this thread to say PLEASE seek a doctor because Plan B is not always effective for folks over 150lbs. I don’t know why this isn’t more widely known or spoken about when people recommend Plan B.

  9. Put her to the streets. Who gives a shit how prepared she is. She did this to herself and deserves what she gets.

  10. She texted to tell me she was home and I just said thanks for yesterday and she sent me a video so don’t really know if that’s an in or not

  11. It's hard to tell from the info provided.

    Was this your first date ever? As in, you'd been talking live for six weeks but hadn't met in person yet? Have you texted her since?

    If the answers are respectively yes and no, I would just text her and say you'd like to see her again and you hope that she feels okay about things getting physical last night. Any number of things could be going on and she could also be waiting for you to text her and thinking you're no longer interested. You lose nothing by reaching out.


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