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  1. Hey, I hope this situation cleared up by now. But the most important thing you can do for your son is to be there for him. Listen to what he's saying, and be a trustworthy shoulder for him to cry on. Romance is a part of life, and so is getting hurt. You were right to tell him that this isn't the end of the world like he thinks, but also acknowledge that it seems like that to him. Tell him that it's okay to be sad, and that you're there to support him and love him as he works through it. Try to keep him busy with activities he likes, although that can be challenging with teenagers. Most teens want to have as little to do with their parents as possible. If your son is that way, give him his space. Recognize he is grieving, but make sure he knows that you care about him. Check in now and then and ask him specifically about things he's involved with. How he's doing in his favorite video game or about clubs he participates in.

  2. Yeah my #1 advice to the wife is the keep the inheritance as a separate asset that she can use for herself or for the college kids, if and when she wants to. It's not marital funds.

  3. Oof, this is a very hot one. Thankfully you got back in contact. If he's asking that question, he's probably done the math in his head and is already wondering. So that might help you.

    I'm thinking this is one of those cases where you just blurt it out and go from there. YMMV but I can't think of a way to soft pedal that one,

  4. She was a small child dealing with her father dying of an incredibly difficult disease, without support. This is insanely inappropriate. A mentally strong 6 year old is still a very young child who you deprived of their childhood. You made them handle the care of a dying man on their own. I understand you felt you had no other options, but this wasn’t an acceptable one. She is traumatized. It sounds like you don’t understand what you did to her.

  5. Because some people get emotional during serious situations. I mean, its totally possible she did, but i’d cry if someone was accusing me of something i didnt do and i knew it looked bad.


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