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Bella, 26 y.o.

Location: italy

Room subject: happy friday everyone! [384 tokens remaining]

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4 thoughts on “Bella the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

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  2. 1) You need to work on your insecurities. Therapy if you can afford it.

    2) Unfollow her is the wrong ask. Its controlling. You should say “You following somebody that you used to date just before me makes me uncomfortable. Then allow him to make whatever choices he is going to make. Then judge if you are happy with those choices. If not end the relationship.

    3) Don't do this relationship test bull. I didn't want him to do it but I said he could do it. At least be honest. I would rather you not follow her.


    5) Dear god you have already made this super uncomfortable and overblown I would leave it the hell alone unless you see sus interactions between them. And I don't mean just simple conversation.


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