Belle-Kim live! webcams for YOU!

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5 thoughts on “Belle-Kim live! webcams for YOU!

  1. thank you so much, iโ€™ll keep that in mind. itโ€™s just a scary thing to have to do, yknow? one of the club workers will be with me, and the best friend i spoke about in the post will be too. i think itโ€™ll be okay once we get the ball rolling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. He's moved on. You're bringing him negative vibes, so he's cutting you off. Don't bother him any more and work on loving yourself

  3. Wait… so you lied about where you were then called a break.. and now youre stalking him, youve literally spent hours sitting in his bed completely uninvited.. im sorry, but that is so incredibly inappropriate.

  4. lmao that's not true at all. Men can have kids well into their 30's/40's even 50's. I've never heard anything so stupid. LOL


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