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  1. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    My husband and I are very different in size. He’s a burly 6’2” and about 300lbs (chubby muscly) and I’m 5’1” and about 130lbs. He’s always been a bit of a clutz, but it’s gotten worse since he’s put some COVID weight on.

    I don’t know how to handle this, I’ve brought it up with him multiple times and he just laughs it off and says he’ll try and be more careful, but he injures me constantly on accident – either flopping down on top of me, or just being too rough when he’s trying to be affectionate. He’s like a Great Dane that doesn’t know his size.

    Most recently he sprained my ankle when he sat down very hot on the couch when I was sitting on it with my feet up. I’ve had bruises on chest and shoulders from him elbowing me as he’s walked past, he’s slammed me into walls trying to playfully bump me with his belly, he’s jumped into bed and landed a knee on my thigh… for every time he’s actually hurt me there are 10 times I’ve narrowly dodged him.

    I’ve talked with him about it calmly, I’ve gotten mad at him. It’s always the same response. He apologizes, tries to act cute and says he’ll be more careful. He’s a lovely, very kind man, but this is getting to the point where I’m on edge when he’s milling about around me.

    Edit: to people that have asked if he’s clumsy in general – yes, very. Constantly walking into furniture, door frames, smacking his limbs on stuff. He doesn’t barrel into other people, but he’s not exactly touchy except with me.

    Also – he’s a very muscular guy with a gut on him… maybe I was being too generous calling him chubby. Whatever your opinions are about his behaviour, the fat shaming is a bit much.

    I do really appreciate everyone’s thoughts – especially those that shared really vulnerable stories about abuse. It’s given me a lot to think about and made me realize that this is a lot more serious than I thought.

  2. You need to have a serious conversation with her, tell her you really need reassurance right now as you are feeling she is being distant and getting emotional inimacy from someone else. If she says you dont trust her tell her you do but your mind has been racing lately with how things are going and would like reassurance. Ask to see her phone, dont let her leave the room first because she will delete if their is anything, if she has nothing to hid this shouldnt be an issue

  3. Nah man. Not worth it.

    If you really want to be with her tho, ask for space, tell her to get into therapy first and see how it goes. Usually, people say these things as a bandage solution to get you to come back.

  4. There’s always gonna be a reason why you can’t tell her. Holidays birthdays stressful events. Better now then in for months. Never a good time to know you’ve been betrayed.

    Also if I found out my sister knew I was cheated on and didn’t tell me for months I would probably disown her. Everyday you risk the chance he comes clean and then claims you knew the whole time.

  5. Why you? Because chance put him on the same bus as you and you two were talking.

    Accept his apology for what it is and be happy he's changed his life.

    But that doesn't mean you need to become friends with him or even forgive him. You can both be happy he's grown up and isn't an a$$hole any longer and still feel poorly about him because of the way he treated you back then. Just let it pass and move on with your life as you may never even see him again.


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