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  1. Be open and honest. Period. I ended a six year relationship earlier this year and it was amicble. I couldn't have expected a better outcome. It's as if he was waiting on me to say something, because we literally finished each other's sentences because we had grown apart,bit we respect each other and always communicated well. If we hadn't been able to, we wouldn't have very been together long. Again, open and honest communication is the key.

  2. Yeah I'm team GF here. You got them a grand in thank you presents and eclared it “not that expensive”, but couldn't get her a nice gift for Christmas?

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  4. I’m not American I don’t know anything about how that process works but on the surface it comes off that there’s a REASON he can’t apply to get a gun himself. The fact that he’s trying to push this on you makes me incredibly nervous for you. I’m not going to be dramatic and say leave him, but I’d keep a very close eye on him and your relationship moving forward

  5. It is off the table entirely. That's why your sole plan of becoming a father relies on her spontaneously deciding to have kids and not having even a night's sleep to re-think that. You have deluded yourself into thinking you might still have kids with her, but it's simply not going to happen.

  6. You should have a talk about what is happening. You are or are not engaged but this lead to marriage . You better have better communication between you two. you should be opend to talk about anything.

  7. There’s nothing more to do here. At 28 your bf should be capable of having a calm and rational conversation about these things rather than blowing up at you over a misunderstanding.

    This is still a very new relationship. You have different styles of interacting with people at parties. You didn’t do anything wrong, and so you shouldn’t be tripping over yourself to beg his forgiveness.

    It was mature of you to listen to his concerns and express a desire to be more mindful of your social interactions. But don’t play into this with temper tantrum he’s having — it’s weird, and to me a major red flag.

    It’s not reasonable to be furious with your partner for talking to someone at a party and maybe accidentally touching them in the midst of conversation.

    It would be reasonable if he had brought it up in a calm and open conversation about boundaries and comfort levels.

    Keep your eyes open. You don’t have to go along with everything someone wants just because they’re mad at you.

  8. I think she is extremely vulnerable right now and she needs to concentrate on putting herself first and making herself safe.

    She's not Batman, its not her job to scare rapists.

  9. Sounds like his “immature humour” is actually him repeatedly disrespecting women.

    Does he ever make these “immature jokes” directed at men?

    If not, do you really want to be with someone who doesn't respect women?

    I'm not saying leave him. But it's definitely something to think about.


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