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  1. You break up with him? You don’t need his permission. You tell him you’re breaking up with him. When he says no, you tell him he doesn’t get a say and then you block him on everything and refuse to see him.

  2. You probably can’t. But it does sound like your therapist might be stirring your wife into blaming you for her problems. I don’t know which state you’re in, but there is a governing board over licensed counselors and therapists, you might wish to check live! in your state and possibly file a complaint.

  3. There are lots of places that offer day cure during school. There’s also some social welfare in place for young mothers such as mothers allowance. It’s not much but it’s something. If she has family or close friends she could ask for some help. But yes. I agree. It’s all come to a head for her. It’s sad because this is going to end up being a cycle. I hope she can better herself and make better choices.

  4. excuse me, the woman was almost raped and everyone just brushed it off??? I can't believe I actually just read that.

    all those “that's what she said” types of jokes might have been funny between coworkers that are also good friends, but NOT directed to a woman that was almost raped at an office function! how is that poor woman still working there?


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