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9 thoughts on “Bigbootysarenalove live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Jeez, with a boyfriend like this, who needs enemies…

    OP I sincerely hope the replies here are a wake up call and you break up with this guy.

  2. Her love for you is conditional. She will only be a mother to you, if you give her full obedience. She wants control over you.

    Never forget the kind of person she is.

  3. Heโ€™s a bum. Leeching off of your family. Why are you paying for him to on-line if he canโ€™t even support you with your struggled

  4. Nah he's a known cheater and can't stop lying. ???Unless he seriously works on himself he will continue to walk all over your boundaries. Chances are you were never even his real gf, but his side piece.

    I wouldn't even want a best friend who lies to me like that, let alone a boyfriend. It's time to say goodbye and find another one.

  5. You can break up at anytime for any reason…

    ….and this one is a doozy, i wouldn't stay one extra minute, thats highschool level petty shit.

  6. Does your gf work or is she in school? Ultimately she has to get herself out of there and have the power and leverage to do that.


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