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15 thoughts on “Billy the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Unpopular opinion, but it's more common than you think for MTF partners to financially abuse their GFS & wives during their transition.

  2. i have seen many anime without fanservice and to me they’re always better because the story and characters and plot is actually developed on more rather than focusing so much on how sexy the characters have to look.

  3. So your boyfriend shouts at your cat, throws it off himself (how hard are we talking here??) and you throw stuff at him.. I’d say call the whole relationship off because what kind of behavior is any of this..?

  4. Dude I would hate this. Manager said it was ok, but what about her? Maybe she had plans for her work, now she has to do the task that was left unfinished and the work of the next day.

  5. I agree that he shouldn’t make a comment like that about your natural smell. But was he saying that you smell bad right now, as opposed to all the time? If he says it’s all the time, the yeah, screw him. If it’s just right now, then you should probably listen, or at least just say thanks for letting me know.

    I’ve always told women that their scent smells off if it does. Could be a medical issue. You shouldn’t discourage him from giving you a heads up about it, because trust me, guys would rather not say anything then go through that awkwardness.

    Also, he does sound gross himself. Tell him his breath stinks.

  6. If you have a chance (aka free healthcare/insurance) go to your nearest sexual/reproductive health clinic and explain you had unintended unprotected sex; the best protocol for victims of sexual assault includes testing at time zero (to check for any undiagnosed stds), preventive treatment such as PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) for HIV and for other stds, and retesting at the correct periods to rule out std infection/ seroconversion.

    source: I’m a doctor who underwent training in sexual assault healthcare

    (sorry for any mistakes, i’m an ESL speaker)

  7. foreplay, foreplay, foreplay, and copious amounts of it. i'm having the same problem. but the more turned on you are, the easier time you will have.

  8. Have you ever got up in the middle of night and sat on what you thought was a seated toilet only to fall into the cold abyss? The consequences for leaving the seat down are much less dire.

  9. All you do is comment this on various posts on various subs. Is it a karma farming thing or a bit or?

  10. I’m sorry. You should never be manipulated into anything, and he’s becoming abusive and trying to intimidate you into compliance

  11. Maybe he used his girlfriends concealer on his dick and thats why he can't see it anymore.

    But seriously, talk to him first. Tell him to stop sending messages like that. If he doesn't, tell his girlfriend, and block him.


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