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  1. Take a friend or another family member to the game with you! If he isn’t interested in/can’t appreciate what the game means to you let him know he doesn’t have to come.

  2. Totally your call.

    When I was 19 i had an abortion after getting pregnant by accident. I am so thankful I had that choice and have no regrets. I could then grow up and online my life, finish my degree, start work in a career, travel. And then i met the man of my dreams. And we have kids and it is awesome. So glad none of that was stopped by me having a baby with someone i didnt love.

  3. I don't agree with some of the other comments saying just accept it. Communicating and improving a foundational skill for a relationship is infinitely more beneficial than few hours of discomfort.

    If you were my girlfriend I would not care what you're wearing if I was going to propose to you. Whether you were wearing Billie English type clothes or something typical for most girls. It would not change who you are as a person nor would it change how you look. But it would make you uncomfortable for my expense.

    And as your boyfriend it's important to think about things like that. “Is this something that she would like?”

  4. Maybe telling her as a courtesy beforehand, sure, I could see that. But then what happens after his gf expresses she’s uncomfortable with that, and she’s still unable to help? He’s stuck trying to keep finding someone else after he’s exhausted all his other options? Has to wait for an Uber or for her to get off work? I “understand” the uncomfortableness.. but are we being adults here or no?

    Believe it or not, there are relationships out there where trust exists.

  5. We don’t live together, but he definitely doesn’t have someone else. It’s just extremely difficult because he only expresses things and then breaks up with me all in the same sentence

  6. If she's out there driving while F'd up with no license or insurance, that needs to be reported. Yeah, you should have done it sooner and this may smack of petty revenge, but IDGAF. She needs to stop driving. I know people who have lost loved ones to impaired drivers. Your motives are immaterial. Report her and get her off the road!

  7. No it’s not. Sure you’re petty, but the right thing to do would have been reporting her months ago when you find out. Do the right thing now even if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Then do some heavy reflection on what it means about you as a person that you’re willing to tolerate this behavior in someone just because you want to sleep with them.

  8. First, 19 is just barely an adult – that misty age where you can legally vote and die for your country, but you can’t yet vote. It’s tough for you to convincingly sell the idea that 19 is fully formed to people who have actually been 19, not to mention those of us who have also been 41. You need to accept that many of us have a lot more information than you do.

    So you met a middle-aged guy who thinks you’re hot and wants to fuck. No surprise there. You know what else? Nothing wrong with you going home with him.

    BUT do you really believe he can’t imagine being with anyone else? This is the problem with middle-aged dudes banging college kids. The kid thinks it’s big and amazing and meaningful, and the old guy has been around the block enough times to know exactly what to say and do to keep getting laid and whatever else they want until they’re done. You two aren’t on even footing, and you’re so very defensive that I’m fairly certain you know that.

    You’re going to do what you want, and down the road you’ll look back & be glad you had your time with this dude or you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking in a kind of “what was wrong with me” kind of way.

    I can say this for sure: when you think it is necessary/prudent/easier to hide what you’re doing from the people who love you best, it is time to pause & reflect.

  9. I’m hoping that’s the case. It seems like no matter what he does she’ll still defend him..

  10. How does the boy feel about it?

    Odds are their relationship isn't going to survive. And these are difficult to navigate. How do you feel about being in the middle of it.

  11. ‘Get me for child support’ … you should WANT to pay for your child to have a roof over their heads and to not go hungry.

    This is why children shouldn’t have children. Fml.

  12. Edited to update: Booked the flight and I’m headed home. Thank you all for the encouragement. ❤️

    Well done OP, hope you feel better when you are safe.


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