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10 thoughts on “blackbeauty79live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. This needs an open and honest discussion about boundaries and what you both feel comfortable with. She can wears whatever she wants but you’re also allowed to feel uncomfortable about it. Just talk to her.

  2. Sounds like you never asked. If you were his uptight as a kid, though, it probably wouldn't have worked anyway.

  3. I care more about the sounds and enthusiasm than I do what they look like, obvious man with an obvious woman(felt like I needed to state that given the way Reddit has been lately)

  4. The bar for men is so low it's serving IPAs in hell.

    A present is the bare minimum.

    If he's 33 and unable to gift you anything, even his time, he's not going to change and will still be using the same excuse at 43.

    Dump him and move on

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  6. You feeling single does not mean that you were.

    Your kids (you know, the most important people in this situation) perceived you as married to their dad. They are too young to not be massively affected by daddy leaving and a new man coming to online with mommy.


  7. Not only that but while he keeps pushing me to get thinner, lose even more body mass, he has gained a bunch of weight himself which he's doing absolutely nothing to change, it's just a constant cycle of crash dieting and then binging again.

    What a fucking hypocrite, you need to fuck him off and tell him it's because he's fat and he turns you off

  8. She did you a favor. People need people who can support them through struggles. Not someone who will dip if you exhibit strong emotions that are honestly totally normal. I have cried in front of my wife countless times, and she is caring and understanding. Find yourself someone who can empathize with you.

  9. When I started reading this, I had a whole PROVEN plan of action ready to give you to solve this problem, because my husband USED to chew his own nails and stopped a few years ago.

    But then I read your last few sentences.

    I’m not going to tell you exactly how to get him to quit for good.

    You don’t love him. You just desperately need to control him, and I’m not going to be party to that.

    You need to divorce him ASAP. He deserves to be free from you and to on-line his life in peace AND with someone who actually loves him and respects him as a full human being!

  10. Can you find him on social media and just reach out and ask if he got your note and/or whether he’s interested? Like you said, you have nothing to lose.


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