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  1. The only responsibility she has is to herself. Women have enough baggage loaded onto us as it is, we gotta be responsible for future victims too? Damn

  2. I think it’s more a case that childhood traumas and neglect are more likely to cause sociopathic behaviour, while psychopaths are thought to be more genetic. But both are still not fully understood.

    Did your boyfriend had a bad childhood?

    And add in nurture vs nature theory, your babies may stand a good chance of being good people.

    But if you abandon them to a sociopath, then they won’t get that chance.

    So your choices are to raise them as a single mother and truly love and care for them, or give them up for adoption to a good family.

    Can you talk your midwife/ doctor, depending where you live?

  3. He wants to see you, don’t get mad at him for that.

    Tell him like you wrote it here. Then invite him over to your house to spend time together while you are home. You don’t have to go out. But at least he’ll know you want to see him. If you are embarrassed to be seen with him in public, that’s a different matter.

  4. Well, the first thing to do is find someone other than your family members (or reddit) to talk to. We are biased, heck you may be getting advice from an actual 14 year old who has never even been in a relationship. And your family members are biased because they will always take your side (even tho they should in this instance). But don't make a habit of getting advice from people who will always take your side.

    Second, you didn't tell us what the actual issue here is. Why did this argument come up?

    Third, you know the answer to “what if my sister wanted to do something”. And that's why people (especially men) in serious relationships should avoid situations like this. The only thing that prevents cheating in most instances is the woman saying no to the man. As someone who goes out a lot I see married men every day hitting on women.


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