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Model from:

Languages: en,es,fr,ar

Birth Date: 2001-02-20

Body Type:

Ethnicity: ethnicityMiddleEastern

Hair color:

Eyes color: eyeColorHazel

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

9 thoughts on “BrainyTexturelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I'm not saying they have a good relationship. The drugs and the lack of sex would be a dealbreaker for me. But his whining about what she wears is annoying and was the subject of the post.

  2. I'm just not sure if I'm being an ass. I was just super excited last night about the upcoming plans, but now that's gone. I'm just mad that I feed off 6. If someone's excited, I am too, if someone doesn't seem to care, then that energy is passed on to me as well. I do like video games too but with my bipolar depression cycle I have lost most interests in them and other hobbies. I let him do his thing, but I also just want quality time together too.

    Also little things erk me. Like when I'm playing games around him and keep dying, he'll take over without me really asking and after that I'm dine with games due to feeling I'm not doing good enough.

  3. It would be unacceptable if he had done it while you were both sitting relaxed in your living room. But to add insult to injury, you were driving. What if what he did startled you and you made a bad maneuver and had you both injured/killed? What if you steered wrong and injured a pedestrian? And this guy is 28 years old, not 8, he knows that cars are deadly machines and that you make sure the driver is as relaxed and sharp as possible while driving. There's a reason why it's illegal to drive after you drank, even a little.

    So to recap let's see: 1) He physically restricted your speech, instead of using his big boy words and saying “please let me finish and don't interrupt me” 2) He endangered you both and any possible other people on the road. 3) And all of this because he lost in a game and was sulking.

    There. Three red flags in just one day. How many other red flags has he shown that you ignored or said to yourself “it's not that bad”? Because I can't believe that a person that behaves this way one day, never behaved in a lesser version of all of this before. Really revisit your entire relationship…

  4. Holy run on sentence Batman!

    Y’all need to mature up and talk things out with the intention of hearing each other.

    Don’t cheat, it’s never good.

  5. Ok.. but that's not the situation. If you were in OPs partners shoes, and the face of your husband who is currently having sex with you was turning you off, and they demanded to know what your problem was… Would you lie or tell the truth?


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