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  1. She’s asked for space. You need to give it to her. Not everyone can handle being long distance. Don’t show up at her house, even if you plan for a hotel. She clearly stated she doesn’t want that. You cannot and will not win her over if you refuse to listen to her and respect what she needs

  2. She’s asked for space. You need to give it to her. Not everyone can handle being long distance. Don’t show up at her house, even if you plan for a hotel. She clearly stated she doesn’t want that. You cannot and will not win her over if you refuse to listen to her and respect what she needs

  3. I really appreciate your time for this I really do.

    I do mind her being friends with the guy since hes toxic and cheats, ofc he's gonna be manipulative, that was my biggest concern, that's why I questioned the trust that she had so much with him and manipulation. Even before we talked I told her that it's a no for me and she should do less contact as much as possible, and she said she will cut him off if I wanted to, only reason I didn't mind much is because she is open and transparent with me about it and I have a couple of friends that cheats, but I know I can't trust them much for sure.

    She didn't cheat before, like she said to me, even before we started talking. must've been an error on my part.

    I'm a 100% with you on the blocking with emotional manipulation and toxic behavior.

  4. I understand your worries. You dont have lots of experience in relationships I guess. At least that's what i felt. Anyhow, you have to go for it, i mean go for the challenge. All relationships carry a certain degree of risk, where you may find yourself alone in a split of a second, after a betrayal or after a big fight. That's life. So be strong, and always be ready for the worst scenario, as well as for the best scenario, and good luck 🙂

  5. At least I'm not calling you names like you have by calling me a garbage human. But hey, you do you. I'm done talking to a wall, have a nice day.

  6. So, she blocked you on everything, but when you message her with a differen account she, all of a sudden, decides to not block you and instead tell you whats going on? I'm sorry, but I'm hella sceptical.

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  8. I'm sorry Op. Thats awful and very difficult to reconcile and deal with. Unfortunately I think you need to prepare yourself for the worst here. Depending how far into this you want to read, I think your friend group is showing you where you stand in it. I would excuse yourself from events that the group plans since you know your Ex and ExBFF are going to be there, and try inviting the friends you want to different events. Be prepared that you may lose your friends, but you may find some in the group that are totally fine hanging out with you, without them. But you will likely have to take initiative, and it may not work out the way you want it to.

  9. You already snooped, but draw the line at going down to the hotel? Dude…go down there and get the answer yourself do she can't lie to you.

  10. The company of a 21 year old at almost 30? Like i said if you want a relationship and he doesn’t then it’s time to move on. You don’t have to stick around he’s made it clear he won’t date you.

  11. I'm really sorry for what you went through, and I wish you a very fast recovery. Truth is, you've been raped, repeatedly. There's just no other way around it. And the man in your life, who's supposed to protect you from that happening (I know women don't need men for that, but just saying) is the one who brought it down on you. He knows of your emotional attachment to him and he's exploiting it in the most disgusting way possible.

    You're still young, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Please, please, leave that relationship as soon as possible. You owe this to yourself. I hope you find love with a decent human being who will value you for who you are. Best of luck with you.

  12. You need to have a clear conversation setting expectations and boundaries on your work, your future, and pressuring you to stay home. This really sounds like a guy who wants a SAHM wife and I strongly suspect that if you won’t do that, there is not likely a future for your relationship.

  13. Sorry gf, but that’s a hot no from me. Once someone spits in my face I’m done with them, there’s no coming back from that level of disrespect.

    Bf – even if they apologize, is this really a family you want to marry into?

  14. She cheated, block her and don’t look back. Cheaters always gonna cheat. They don’t get rewarded with secret recipes.

  15. He can be a great father from his house and you can be a great mother at your house. Many people do it.

    This man will use cruelty as a weapon to you. He will use it on his child if they don't meet his standards. Don't fool yourself.

    There are also many studies on men that leave their wives/partners after an illness, apparently so often that nurses now warn the women. This guy is absolutely superficial and you've seen it now. Don't let him gaslight you on this point.

    “Time served” is a better way to look at it, or google 'Sunken Cost Fallacy'. If it's happened more than once, it will continue until one of you breaks the pattern. It won't be him… just sayin'…

  16. “I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve decided that this relationship simply isn’t working out. We had a nice time together, but we aren’t compatible. I’m not interested in trying again. I think it’s best that we both move on. Best of luck to you. Good bye.”

    That’s it. No need to talk to her ever again after this. You don’t need her permission to break up. She doesn’t get to “decline”. Let her know it’s over and then stop spending time with her.

  17. I had to check his age again, because unless he's 9yo, there's no excuse for this. Are you a piece of meat for his buddies to drool over? What was he expecting, to never introduce you to them?? If he was serious about you, these guys would have met you eventually, right? Unless he was planning a hit it and quit it scenario, this was the dumbest possible scheme and incredibly disrespectful to you and your sister.

  18. You should read this back to yourself as a 3rd person. He's aweful. You are vunerable because of your illness. Love yourself enough to recover and take care of yourself. He's not worth your time.

  19. How good are your eyes? At a glance .1 can sometimes look like .7 depending on the font, how sharp the screen display is, etc. Maybe there was no change?

  20. It'd be like if you walked up to someone doing a puzzle and just messed up the pieces. Is it the end of the world? No, but it's pretty rude and disrespectful, especially in the context she did it.

    Maybe when she's doing something she enjoys he should walk up and mess it up. Maybe turn off a reality tv show she's trying to watch (which I will assume she's into, given her bratty attitude). I'm sure he'd be called abusive for such “benign” behavior, though.


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